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'No progress' has been made on Fresno State playing a 12th game

Fresno State has made zero progress on finding a 12th game for the 2013 season.

Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

It can almost all be assured that Fresno State and Colorado will not play in 2013, and finding an alternate opponent is starting to be hard to come by for Fresno State, not Colorado. Colorado has an offer on the table to pay Hawaii $600,000 to come to Boulder, Colo., on Oct. 19, and a decision is expected to be made sometime on Wednesday.

As for Fresno State the options are very limited. One option was to play Army to be Fresno State's 12th game since they have matching bye weeks on Nov. 16.

However, an email sent to a member of the Army athletic department came back saying, " [they] have not heard of any discussions in regards to Fresno State."

The same can be said about Fresno State's response, "At this time no progress has been made in adding a 12th game to our schedule."

That is a generic statement to be made from the Fresno State side, but things turned bad in a hurry when the game against Colorado was postponed. Time is running out and it seems that Fresno State will be stuck with just 11 regular season games this season.

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