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Colorado has offered to pay Hawaii $600,000 to play in Boulder this season

Hawaii could slide into Colorado's schedule on Oct. 19.


Talks between Colorado and Fresno State have broken down since there has been speculation surrounding San Diego State and San Jose State who could play Colorado since they have the same bye weeks. However, nothing has been official regarding those schools.

Now there is tangible evidence about who Colorado's new 12th opponent is going to be, and that is the Hawaii Warriors. Stephen Tsai of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser is reporting that Colorado is willing to pay the Warriors to come to Boulder on Oct. 12.

With a firm offer on the table, this means that talks between Fresno State and Colorado have broken down to find a replacement date to play, and that should not come as a shock since a third team would need to be involved to rearrange their schedule.

Adding San Diego State and San Jose State to the schedule probably would not be in the best interest of Colorado since those teams would present a tougher challenge than Hawaii. Yes, San Diego State is still a better team than Hawaii despite its early season struggles. If Colorado wants to get as many wins as possible and just maybe try to get to a bowl game, and replacing Hawaii with Colorado would meet that criteria.

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