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Colorado, Fresno State looking at alternate arrangements to find 12th game

The likelihood of Fresno State and Colorado getting back to together are looking very small.


The postponement of Colorado vs. Fresno State is looking more and more like a cancelation. Neither team has the same bye week and a third team would need to be involved to make things work out. As discussed many times, the Dec. 7 date is not likely an option since Fresno State has a good chance of heading to the Mountain West title game.

Colorado athletic director Rick George is blunt about the situation:

"We'd love to get them back, but the possibilities are becoming more and more remote," George said. "We'll still have conversations with them and see if there's an opportunity."

With the game more than likely not going to happen, both schools are looking at finding a late season replacement. Colorado has publicly stated that they are contacting other teams to play, and they likely are teams that are playing at Hawaii and have the same Oct. 19 bye week. There are two Mountain West teams that fit that description, and they are San Diego State and San Jose State.

Each of those teams have an Oct. 19 bye week, played at Hawaii and have an Oct. 19. Each school could take advantage of the Hawaii exemption to play an additional game, but usually that would mean an extra home game to get back some of the costs for a lengthy road trip. If San Diego State or San Jose State were to consider playing an extra game at mid-season, Colorado would need to come up with some extra cash for the late add to the schedule.

Neither San Diego State or San Jose State has commented on the matter, at least not publicly. Colorado really needs a home game because they would loss out on approximately $4.5 million.

Fresno State has been quiet on adding another game, but there is one team that meets the criteria to play a 13th game and that would be the Army Black Knights. They have a bye week on Nov. 16 and Nov. 23 and that lines up with Fresno State's Nov. 16 bye week.

Army could be willing to play an extra game on Nov. 16 since they have a bye week either, but location could be an issue. Fresno State would like to play at home but that would require likely a large pay out to play Army, plus Army already plays only five home games this year since they play one neutral site game at the Cotton Bowl this season. If Fresno State is hoping to achieve a BCS bowl game then they need to do what they can to play a 12th opponent, and right now that looks like Army.

Colorado has stated that if they can't reschedule with Fresno State that the school would help them find a replacement. It will be very interesting to see if either Colorado or Fresno State can find an in-season replacement game.

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