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San Diego State going with Quinn Kaehler as starting quarterback

JUCO transfer Quinn Kaehler will be San Diego State's starting quarterback when they face Oregon State.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

That was fast. San Diego State has made a decision about who its starting quarterback would be, and it will be walk-on junior college transfer Quinn Kaehler. Originally it was to be a competition during the bye week between Kaehler and Adam Dingwell, but a back injury to Dingwell prompted the coaches to go with Kaehler. Dingwell's injury is a recurring issue that he has had since high school and one that kept him out of summer workouts for a few weeks.

Kaehler replaced Dingwell in the first quarter of the Ohio State game and proceeded to complete 22 of 36 for 216 yards and a touchdown; the game against Ohio State was his first at the FBS level.

Head coach Rocky Long seems comfortable with the decision to go with Kaehler after what he saw at Ohio State:

"I thought in the second half, it looked like he felt he was in control," Long said. "He seemed to throw the ball OK, he put it on target most of the time, and threw it to the right guys most of the time.

"I don't think he has quite the arm strength (Dingwell has) but he is a little more accurate with the football, so he has some positives and some negatives just like Adam has."

Kaehler did look more together against Ohio State and to have a decent outing against a very good team is a sign of encouragement for San Diego State.

With Dingwell sidelined with a back injury, the backup reps will be split between sophomore Chad Jeffries and true freshman Chase Favreau.

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