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New Mexico dismisses cornerbacks Rashad, Vershad Jackson from team

New Mexico lost a pair of cornerbacks when twin brothers Rashad and Vershad Jackson were dismissed from the team.

Michael C. Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

The New Mexico Lobos lost some depth when head coach Bob Davie announced on Friday that twin sophomores Rashad Jackson and Vershad Jackson have been kicked off the team. The two brothers were initially sent back to Albuquerque on Wednesday after Vershad was reprimanded by head coach Bob Davie for poor play, and dismissed from practice.

His brother Rashad wouldn't return to the field in protest of his brother being removed from practice despite that defensive coordinator Jeff Mills urging Rashad to remain at practice.

Initially, Vershad was suspended indefinitely by Davie, while Rashad was pondering his decision to remain a Lobo. A decision on the duo came down on Friday that the twins from Missouri City, Texas, are no longer on the team.

Davie made a brief comment in a news release about letting go of the Jackson brothers:

"Rashad and Vershad Jackson will no longer be a part of our football program," Davie said. "We wish them well moving forward in their future endeavors."

The two played in about half of the games last year, but they were to see a larger role in 2013. During the first week and a half of camp each brother was taking reps with either the first- or second-team defense in the secondary.

Getting scolded is part of the game and it is highly unlikely that Davie went after Vershad to be mean, but rather to make it clear to him that he needs to play better. This happens at the FBS level off football with coaches getting upset when players are't performing well, so they get after the player which can include yelling. As for Rashad, just leaving practice because Davie was scolding his brother is just immature. They are twins but not tied to the hip, and just ignoring coaches to pout over how his brother was treated is juvenile.

With the Jackson twins gone SaQwan Edwards and Cranston Jones are the clear favorites to be the starting cornerbacks. While Tim Foley, Donnie Duncan, Isaiah Brown and Jadon Boatright move up a few slots on the depth chart. This also hurts much needed depth that New Mexico needs to possibly earn a bowl bid for the upcoming season, but now New Mexico will need to avoid the injury bug in the secondary.

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