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San Diego sports writer blasts Boise State for losing to Washington, not sure why

San Diego beat writer Mark Zeigler pops off at Boise State.


Boise State did not have the best night as they had their worst lose nearly in a decade by falling to Washington 38-6 on Saturday night. The Broncos are most likely out of the conversation for a BCS bowl game with the loss to an unranked Huskies team, and they join the line of eight other Mountain West teams that stumbled this weekend.

This includes San Diego State who lost to a worse team in FCS Eastern Illinois, 40-19. So what does one do to make themselves fell much better, blast a conference rival (not sure rival is the right word in this case) in Boise State for losing to Washington.

The person in question is San Diego Union-Tribune's Mark Zeigler, who covers occasional San Diego State sports for the paper, but football is not one of them.

Here is his blast:

Strong words coming from someone who covers a team who got thoroughly shutdown by a FCS squad. The San Diego State loss can not be blamed on freak weather, injuries or any other one off scenario that could explain for losing to a FCS school. At least Boise State loss to a team that is in a BCS conference and made a bowl game in 2012.

Zeigler's comments are just pure ignorance and really make no sense. San Diego State was lucky to get invited to the now former Big East football conference. That is because schools like UNLV, Air Force, BYU, Fresno State and probably others turned down the Big East's overtures to join its sinking ship.

The only reason San Diego State football was even considered was because they were a Western school that would appease to Boise State for being isolated by itself, and it had very little to do with their recent success in football. To keep it in terms familiar to San Diego, the Aztecs were an anchor that Boise State had to try to keep afloat.

Plus, not sure how the Mountain West sold its soul to get Boise State back in the league. The Broncos helped the entire league get more money with an ESPN deal since it is not all going to Boise State. Overall, them returning helped the league get more money overall.

Zeigler does back track, or tries to rationalize with this gem:

Not much more to say, but here are some of the twitter responses to Zeigler's comments: