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Aztecs Baseball Recruits for 2014

The San Diego State program made an appearance in the 2013 NCAA Tournament and would like to return. They made it to the tournament after a .500 season and winning the MWC Tournament. An improvement must happen for the Aztecs to legitimize their appearance to another regional. Will these recruits help make that happen? Read on.

Judy Olinger

SDSU Baseball Recruits for 2014

The Aztecs are surprising on a lot of fronts. If you happen to be so bored as to look at their schedule, you'll be surprised to find that their 2014 lineup is posted. That's pretty rare in this day and age. We'll talk schedule at a later date. The list of recruits is the topic at hand.

RYAN ALVAREZ, UTL, Bishop Alemany HS, Sylmar, CA
I could find no stats on Ryan. MaxPreps is one of my sources and no one posted stats. I usually quit after that. A parent, coach, someone should do this. I did it for the team I coached and it took time but the kids loved it.

ANDREW BROWN, SS, The Rock Academy, Chula Vista, CA
A bit big for a shortstop (6'3") and may project as a 3B in the future. If he hits well, he'll find a opening somewhere. He hit .481 with 3 homeruns his senior year. He averaged .441 for four years while in high school. Pretty impressive. He had 5 homeruns his freshman year which is even more impressive. He didn't ever best that. He was a pre-season honorable mention AA for Perfect Game Rawlings. High praise and he played like he deserved it.

According to one article I read he was a preseason player to watch along with 19 others from the inland area of southern California. His list mates were either projected draftees or had committed to D1 programs throughout the US. Fast company, I'd say. I have another article that has him listed at 6'4" so he has grown a bit. He has a fastball that hits the mid 90s and his team relied upon him a lot this past season. He's getting better and looks like a good one even if I couldn't find stats for his senior year. I'm thinking they were good.

MARCUS REYES, LHP, Rancho Buena Vista HS, Vista, CA
Anytime I see a recruit have a bad season following good ones, I suspect injury. Marcus fits this situation. Last season he was 2-2 and 5.15 with 5 starts. In 17 IP he had 19 strikeouts (good) and 5 walks (also good). However, this was less than half the innings in each of his previous two years. He knows how to strike batters out so we'll wait and see what's up. Oh, and he's a good student, which, as an old high school science teacher, I always like to see.

Brett could be the diamond of the recruits for the Aztecs. And I don't mean diamond in the rough. The sparkling faceted finished deal. Oh, stop. He was 9-4 and 1.40 his senior year with 93 strikeouts in 80 IP. He had an outstanding junior year so I expect him to have a shot as a starter. I'll finish with these honors; he was first team All-State for CalHiSports for 2013 and a pre-season AA nominee by Louisville Slugger. After his junior year, who could argue?

TYLER WADE, SS, Murrieta Valley HS, Murrieta, CA
Tyler was drafted in the 4th round and signed by the New York Yankees. A bonus of $371,000 says "Give me that pen!"

Anthony also played some catcher, pitcher, and infield positions. Where can I play today, coach? Huh? Huh? Versatile if nothing else. He hit .294 with 4 homeruns his senior year. Notable that his BA went down each year but his homeruns went up. That doesn't really concern me. I'm also curious why he has played for three different high school programs?

Coach Gwynn and his staff are following up a decent season and a spot in the NCAA Tournament with a pretty good recruiting list. Andrew Brown looks good but pitchers Brett Seeburger and Tyler Gatica look even better. Gatica, huh? How's his DNA?