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Aaron Price steps down as Hawaii offensive coordinator due to personal concerns

Former Hawaii offensive coordinator was not fired and he did not resign.

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

The Hawaii Warriors had a huge shock presented to the college football world when head coach Norm Chow announced that first-year offensive coordinator Aaron Price was no longer with the team. This obviously came as a shock since Price was first brought on back in February to take over for Tommy Lee, who resigned from the position.

There was very little information to why Price is no longer with the Hawaii football program, and the only information that was given out by Chow is that Price was not fired nor did he resign from his post. There are people near the situation who have said that it was a combination of person and family reasons to why Price stepped down, and also that it had nothing to do with his job performance so far. However, there were whispers that Price was not a good fit with the team.

Price's contract will remain in place through March, meaning he will still earn his salary of approximately $118,000 for the season, but after that who knows about what happens to Price in relation to the Hawaii football program.

Chow already said he will take over the offense, and newly hired quarterbacks coach Jordan Wynn and graduate assistant Luke Matthews will have expanded rolls coaching within the offense.

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