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PHOTO: Wyoming going all-white uniforms against Nebraska

Wyoming will wear all-white uniforms when they take the field against Nebraska.

Brendan Maloney-US PRESSWIRE

The Wyoming Cowboys are going with an all-white uniform combination when they take the field this Saturday against the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Wyoming has a lot of uniform combinations with variations of brown and yellow as well.

Going all-white is a good choice, but for better contrast perhaps they could have gone with brown or yellow pants, if nothing more for contrast on the field Saturday night. However, this look is possibly my favorite for Wyoming since using a white jersey and pants is a very clean look.

Hopefully, the Wyoming football twitter account will keep this up and tweet out the uniform combination before each game.

Don't forget that this game kicks off at 8 p.m. ET on the Big Ten Network this Saturday night, and Nebraska is ranked No. 18 in the country. This will be a very tough game for Wyoming to pull out the victory, but hey if they are unable to they will be looking good trying to do so.

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