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Welcome to Mountain West Connection

This is our little space on the Internet to discuss all things Mountain West, so why not sign up and join the party.

Over the past few months we have seen record breaking traffic, and not just record breaking but try 100 percent increase over the past few months compared to those same months in 2012. So, I thank everyone who has visited the site, as well those on the staff who have put out some great coverage.

With all of the people finding our sites via other message board, TwitterFacebook or wherever we thank you. With the traffic increase the comment to visitor ratio is quite low, there are a lot of new commenters we have seen, but I know there are lurkers who just come to check out a random article. Plus, there are people who I am sure read the site every day but had no reason to join.

It is super easy to join, here is the link to do so. You can use your Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook or Google+ to register for our site or any of the over 300 sites on the SB Nation network.

Well, there are plenty of reasons to join. We have polls which require to be a member, plus we do live threads/chats for all of the Mountain West games. The threads are just another way to interact with this whole community, and with so many games in the Mountain West going on there is never a shortage of something to talk about.

Don't be afraid since you may see the same set of commenters talking, there was a point where they were brand new too at one point.

Also being a member of the site allows you to write up your own opinion in our FANPOST section, or toss up a quick link, video or tweet in our FANSHOT area.

If you have never commented or even signed up to comment, go ahead and do so. Also, drop a comment below about who is your team.

Football is approaching this week, and that is a wonderful thing.