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Hawaii's Offensive Coordinator: Gone.

The Rainbow Warriors offensive coordinator has been dismissed, with no said public reason.

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

In what could be a significant blow to Hawaii football, offensive coordinator Aaron Price was dismissed from the team. This comes only six months after hiring Price, who had coached with his father, Mike Price, at UTEP.

There has been no said reason for Price's dismissal and now, head coach Norm Chow is intending on handling the offense, along with some graduate assistants. This is understandable due to the fact that the opener against USC is now under four weeks, and there is almost no time at all to find a replacement coach.

Just as well, it could be a blessing in disguise for Hawaii, as Chow can now run the offense exactly how he wants. Remember that Chow was the OC at BYU, NC State, USC, UCLA, Utah and the Tennessee Titans before taking on the Hawaii job.

Throw in the fact that Taylor Graham, the Ohio State transfer, will be starting at quarterback this season, and maybe Hawaii will find themselves in a better position than originally thought without Price controlling the offense.

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