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Fox Sports 1: How much is it, where is it on my dial

Here is the info on how to watch Fox Sports 1

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Landing a deal to air Fox Sports 1 one on DirecTV and Dish Network is very nice, but now comes the part that some fans need to know. Such as cost and also where the heck does one find this channel. Lucky for everyone I can provide that information.

First of all, Fox Sports 1 is replacing the Speed Channel, so for those diehard fans who liked to watch NASCAR practice, Nationwide Series and any other non-major racing are out of luck. Not totally, since Fox Sports 1 will still air some of that stuff.

In this college universe, Fox Sports 1 will be airing college football games from the Big 12, Pac-12, Conference USA and also Big East hoops. The Mountain West right now has two games pegged for the network; first is Utah State at Utah on Thursday Aug. 29 at 8 p.m. ET, and then Boise State at Washington on Saturday Aug. 31 at 10 p.m. ET.

The channel to find Fox Sports 1 on DirecTV is 219, and that is a huge upgrade over where Speed was, which I believe was in the low 600 channel range. As for the package it is on, no worry sports fans it is not on a super high package for DirecTV, one just needs the Choice package which is one of the lower ones.

As for Dish Network, Fox Sports 1 will be on channel 150, and be carried on the America's top 200 package a more middle tier group, but still not one of the higher one's.

As for other national providers like AT&T U-Verse the network will be on channel 1652 for HD and 652 for SD, and for Verizon FiOS it is on channel 583 for HD and 83 for SD. Also, both DirecTV and Dish Network will air in high definition.

For every other provider out there, he is a handy channel finder to see how to get Fox Sports 1 in your area, and here is a complete list of what the new network plans to show.

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