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Nevada RB Kendall Brock looking for increased roll

Kendall Brock tries to become a true impact player for the Nevada Wolf Pack after two relatively quiet years in the silver and blue.


Throughout his short career, running back Kendall Brock has done a little bit of everything for the Nevada Wolf Pack. His freshman year he was deemed a running back, but received only 13 total carries for 101 yards. At the start of his sophomore year he switched to wide receiver to add depth at the slot position. Brock caught just seven passes for 76 yards and a touchdown. His greatest impact though has been in the return game where, in his two years at Nevada, he has accumulated 59 kick returns for 1,328 yards.

Now to start his junior season, Brock has been changed back to the position he was recruited to play, running back. He is very different from most of the backs Nevada has put on the field in the past. Usually Nevada finds big backs that can burst through the holes on a dive play from the pistol and take a hit. That's not to say Brock cannot do this, but he is at his best using his greatest skills, his speed and quickness.

Smaller than your typical running back at 5'9" and 195 pounds, Brock may be the metaphorical lighting to starter Don Jackson's thunder. This will deviate from last year when Stefphon Jefferson got the vast majority of the carries without a second running back option. In 2013, Jackson will receive a majority of the carries, but it should be split with Brock at more of a two-thirds to one-third ratio.

In all likelihood Brock can and will be lined up all over the field given his versatility and experience at numerous positions. Therefore, look for Brock to be a key playmaker in the running, receiving, and return game.

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