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Fox Sports 1 still at odds with DirecTV, Dish, Time Warner

With four days left, Fox Sports 1 is still looking to make a deal with three major carriers.

With just four days left until the launch of Fox Sports 1, the new 24-hour sports channel is still at odds with DirecTV, Dish Network and Time Warner, according to Sports Business Daily. The disagreement between the sides have been made public for almost a month. The main concern is over the cost of the channel, which is converting from Speed to Fox Sports 1.

Speed currently chargers carriers 23 cents per subscriber per month for Speed, and Fox is currently seeking 80 cents per subscriber per month at the start of Fox Sports 1 at the start. However, that rate would increase to approximately $1.50 toward the end of the multi-year deals Fox is seeking.

If there is no deal struck by Saturday Aug. 17 the channel will not go dark, but instead Speed channel will carry on for at least the next nine days with rerun and paid programming.

The increase does not seem all that much since Fox Sports 1 will have live college football, basketball, Major League Baseball, UFC, soccer and also some racing. Plus, there is Regis Philbin who is hosting an hour-long sports show call Crowds Gone Wild, totally worth it for the increase (sarcasm there folks).

All three companies are confident that a deal will be reached soon and before the channel launches, but we have heard that before regarding The Mtn., and more recently the Pac-12 Networks.

Time Warner, Dish Network and DirecTV make up 46 million households and would be just under half of the 90 million subscribers that the network wants when they launch.

This has the potential to affect Boise State vs. Washington on Aug. 31 and also Utah State vs. Utah game which is on Aug. 29, both are to air on Fox Sports 1.

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