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Boise State begins fall camp August 5th

With the first game of the season a month away, Boise State will get down to adding the finishing touches to their 2013 team.

Boise State offensive coordinator Robert Prince
Boise State offensive coordinator Robert Prince
Brian Losness-US PRESSWIRE
When the 2013 season gets under way at the end of August all eyes will be on two key participants of the Broncos offense: offensive coordinator Robert Prince and his quarter back, Joe Southwick. Both begin their second year in their respective positions. Prince will be in his second year as the Broncos offensive coordinator and Southwick, 6-1, 202 lbs, will be in his second year as the starting quarterback.

Since spring ball there has been a lot of hype surrounding the Boise State team. And a lot of changes. One has been that head coach Chris Petersen has streamlined the Broncos’ playbook after Prince seemed to struggle with it last year. Technically, if it doesn't create predictability for opposing teams, that should help the Boise State coaches and players master a more simplified plan of attack.

Another area the Broncos have been working on is the offensive tempo. They vow to pick it up and be more explosive on the field. There is little doubt that the key to that explosiveness will be the riding on the back of senior QB Joe Southwick. Last season was his first at starter and he seemed to struggle under center for the first half of the season. When he finished the sixth game against Fresno State, he had passed for 1,237 yards with a rating that averaged 133.8. But Southwick improved with experience and decision making, throwing for another 1,229 yards over the next six games and with a rating that averaged 150.1. Over the year, he was 248 of 371 attempts that included 19 TD’s and 7 INTs.

According to Prince, in the beginning it was not just about Southwick’s performance. To his credit Prince was the first to put the blame on himself for not meeting Broncos fans expectations. “We watched the tape and there's areas that (quarterback Joe Southwick) can improve,” he told the Idaho Statesman. “But also the whole offense, including myself. There's things I can do better. Get the plays in faster," Prince added. "It wasn't just about Joe. It's about everybody."

Those remarks came after last season’s opener when the Broncos traveled to #13 ranked Michigan State and failed to score an offensive touchdown for the first time since 1997. That game culminated in a 17-13 loss to the Spartans. The Broncos went on to end their season 11-2 with a 2-point win over the Huskies, 28-26, in the Las Vegas Bowl.

That was last season, 2012. A year has gone by and a year that hopefully racked a list of offensive improvements. Fall camp is now only a week away and the Broncos open the 2013 season at the end of the month on August 31st with a road trip to Seattle to do battle with the Washington Huskies.

Its almost like deja vu because once again a Broncos season comes down squarely on the shoulders of OC Robert Prince and his QB, Joe Southwick.

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