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Former Texas QB Connor Brewer visited, considering San Diego State

San Diego State could be landing former Texas quarterback Connor Brewer.


The San Diego St. Aztecs are one of three schools in the running to land former Texas Longhorns quarterback Connor Brewer. Brewer decided to transfer from Texas a few weeks ago, and since then a lot of big time programs have been trying to secure the services of the former four-star quarterback such as Alabama, Notre Dame, Arizona and others.

However, there are six schools that Brewer was looking into:

That list has been cut down to three which includes San Diego State and Brewer visited the Aztecs on July 18, according to Aztecs Sports Report. The info is behind the sites message board paywall, so even though yours truly has a Rivals subscription I don't have any more details about the visit.

The other two schools on Brewer's list are unknown but Arizona would be a logical choice since he played high school football there, and his high school coach is now on the Arizona staff. If staying out West is preferred then UCLA would be the other likely choice for Brewer to visit. The latter two are just speculation on my part, but make sense especially Arizona.

If San Diego State is to land Brewer it would be big grab, and continue their trend of landing quality players to the school. Brewer fell to the fourth spot after spring ball with the Longhorns and one of those was heralded true freshman Tyler Swoopes, David Ash and Case McCoy.

While Brewer felt he could still land the backup spot in fall camp, but he chose to transfer for a better chance instead of waiting to play out fall camp:

"I think there was an opportunity [for that No. 2 spot]," Brewer told ESPN. "But at the same time I think I could go somewhere else and, potentially, after the one-year sit out, be the guy. That was a better option."

If Brewer were to head to San Diego State he would be competing with Adam Dingwell for the starting job since Dingwell will be a senior in 2014, and unless something happens he will be projected as the starting quarterback. Brewer was to be a redshirt freshman in the fall, and would have three years of eligibility left, so even if he is Dingwell's backup for a year Brewer would still have two to play at San Diego State.

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