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NCAA Football '14: San Diego State makes a case to be leagues best

Can San Diego State surprise teams and win the Mountain West, EA Sports thinks so.


There is no doubt that the San Diego St. Aztecs have an argument to win the upcoming Mountain West title, or at least be in the title game by winning the West division. We already took a look at that NCAA '14 is high on the Aztecs, and that is likely the case.

In a recent simulation of NCAA '14, San Diego State won the Mountain West one time out of the 10 run throughs. So while EA likes the Aztecs chances, they are not quite as good as Boise State who won the league title seven times and the other two went to San Diego State's division rival, Fresno State the other two times.

San Diego State's balanced attack is why they have a real good shot at winning the league. They have possibly the best running back in Adam Muema and one of the best defenders in linebacker Jake Fely. A few things that San Diego State needs to get down to a science is a wide receiving corp, they may have a few under the radar guys to step up in 2013 like Ezell Ruffin or Colin Lockett.

If either of those can step up and take charge in the receiving game then the Aztecs are on their way to a possible Mountain West title game. Just perhaps the folks over at EA Sports take into account for player improvement from year to year as to why San Diego State is right up there to win the conference.

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