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2013 MLB Draft: A look at what Mountain West players could be drafted

The MLB Draft is fast approaching, so we take a look at what Mountain West players that could be drafted.

Mike Stobe

The 2013 MLB Draft is just around the corner and this year the deadline to sign is sooner which will give coaches time to sign a replacement for a junior they had hoped would return. They look once they can stop crying that is. I'm just like most people as I look at home runs from the hitters and strikeouts from the pitchers

As I've said so many times, you can't measure heart. It's also hard to tell on infielders. How does a shortstop handle the throw from the hole between third and second? Does he have the arm? Does he even get to the ball? So many details. That's why it's hard to make a list like this. I haven't seen many of these guys. Next year? That'll be a different story.

New Mexico

DJ Peterson .411 18 JR 3B

Peterson is a Golden Spikes Award finalist and MWC Co-Player of the Year. He is also a Louisville Slugger First Team AA which is a real honor and he's done it three times. Ho, hum. Coach also beats the drum on this kid being a high draft pick. It seems to be a year with high profile college third basemen in the west as San Diego's Kris Bryant will most likely be a first round choice also. In this era of the dead bat which gives a more realistic view of power, 18 home runs by DJ looks pretty legit. The pros like real power and they like strikeouts by pitchers. Being a newbie to the Mountain West I wonder how much the location of the Lobos' home field has anything to do with offensive output. That was always a question with close neighbor New Mexico State and its inflated numbers.

Mitch Garver .387 5 SR C

For those of you who have read my stuff before you know I'm always high on catchers that can hit. If they can do all of the other invisible stuff then they are a gem indeed. Mitch was the other Co-Player of the Year in the MWC so the Lobos certainly have a corner on the market for post-season awards. You can add First Team Louisville Slugger AA to his list of awards. I suspect he will be a draft choice but not as high as if this had been a junior season. He has no eligibility left so it's either look for something else to do or sign. Get my drift here? Look for him and DJ to sign and go to high A or AA ball.

Luke Campbell .382 7 SR OF

Luke made Second Team All-MWC so he gets some awards also. I included Luke mostly based on his production in the long ball department. We'll see how all this translates.

Sam Wolff 7-3 3.05 68/82 SR RHP

Sam was the only Lobo pitcher to make All-MWC. His numbers were pretty good but not eye-popping. I think he'll get at least a look or a low offer in the draft. Again, I compare what he did to what happens at NMSU. If he can pitch this well at altitude then he must have some qualities that will work at the professional level. Draft him.

Josh Walker 11-0 3.91 52/71 7 saves. JR RHP

Josh had a fantastic win-loss record as he never tasted defeat. In fact the 7 saves along with the 11-0 mark raised a question in my mind. He had only 3 starts but had 11 wins? How can this be for a closer? I'll be mean here. You don't want your closer to have lots of wins. That usually means blown saves only to have your offense bail you out. The higher ERA hints at that. However, he can strike people out as 52 strikeouts say.


Pat Armstrong .373 7 JR INF

Pat made Second Team All-MWC as a first baseman. His numbers are good and he seems to have some pop. His small stature might hinder him at first base as he doesn't fit the classic mold of a tall rangy first baseman. He might be drafted as something else. It will be hard to improve on this year's stats so he should sign if drafted.

Brandon Bayardi .341 11 SR OF

He hit well and had a good amount of pop to warrant a serious look if not talk with the bigs. He made First Team All-MWC and has good size at 6'2" and 235. I wonder how he covers ground with that size?

Buddy Borden JR RHP 8-2 2.59 77/101 3 BB/9 IP

MWC Co-Pitcher of the Year Not a hot shot from the day he stepped on campus but has really come around this year. He's a Gregg Olson Award finalist for that very reason; call it the late bloomer award. He may decide to come back and see if he can improve his stock. The 101 innings shows he's a workhorse.

San Diego State

Tim Zier .346 1 JR INF

Tim is a second baseman and he also made First Team All-MWC. The pros don't look at those lists. Think Justin Pedroia. He wasn't much coming out of wherever he came. You can't measure heart and I've never seen him cover ground. We'll see.

Ryan Doran 8-3 2.63 84/106 SR RHP

Ryan made First Team All-MWC and the only thing that I might look at as a negative is his size. He's a bit light but he will grow I'm sure. I like the innings pitched and the strikeouts.

Fresno State

Aaron Judge .369 12 JR OF

Now here's a kid I know. I saw him when the Bulldogs played San Jose State. I was not really blown away but he has improved each year so it looks like his time at Fresno is over. He led the team by far in just about everything. At one time I thought he might be a pitcher at this level but that never happened. At 6'7" 255 he's an outfielder in a power forward's body. I know he has a strong arm so I wonder if the bigs look at him as a forward, er, uh, pitcher? Say goodbye, Fresno, to one of the best players in a long time to grace your home field.


Brooks Klein .346 7 SR OF

I like Brooks's numbers; power especially. I also like his size which just about fits the mold for an outfielder. I wonder if the altitude had any influence on his power numbers?

Hugo Hernandez .330 5 SR INF

He didn't make the All-MWC team but I still like his numbers. First base is usually a position that has a lot of competition for all-league and I guess he was odd man out. This also may have been due to the fact that this was his only full year at this level. He was hurt most of last season (2012) and was at a JUCO previous to that. Figure a low round pick because of that. The pros don't want to pay good money to flash-in-the-pans.

Braden Shipley 7-3 2.77 102/107 JR RHP

Braden was Co-Pitcher of the Year in the MWC and his number support that. His WHIP was just over one which is outstanding and his power numbers were especially good. He's a good one.

Air Force

Seth Kline .356 2 JR 1B

I know, he plays for a service academy so that is a whole different ball game as the pros go. The last few years Air Force has had troubles of many kinds in their program. That didn't prevent Seth from performing at a high level. He was good enough to make First Team All-MWC which says a lot. He has size at 6'1" and 225 so that's not an issue but the lack of homeruns is. Maybe the opposition just didn't pitch to him - and he still hit .356?

Garrett Custons .353 1 SR DH

This guy made First Team as a DH/UTIL which is usually the kiss of death. The pros don't need DH's. There are plenty that they find can't play the positions for which they're being paid. Therefore, he has an outside chance at best.

Ben Bertelson 1-7 7.94 80/79 80/26.

I know, you think I'm crazy about mentioning this guy since his numbers say anything but a draft choice. However, the strikeouts per innings pitched certainly are eye-catching. I'll go with that alone as opponents' BA and his WHIP are also indicative of a bad year. The bigs love the strikeout.

San Jose State

Nick Schulz .288 3 SR OF

Here's where I have an advantage. I've seen these guys perform most of the year albeit not in the MWC which will be a step up for the program. Nick had an under performing year this season and last. I, and other Spartan fans, always had big things predicted for him but it just never happened. So why do I include him here? I think the pros are going to like what they see and feel they will be able to polish him. He'll need lots of that. I see a free agent here.

Matt Carroll .341 2 JR 1B

Matt had a break-out year this season after two forgettable ones his first two years. At 6'6" he certainly has the size and I think he may come back to show everyone this year was not a fluke. He also should improve his HR numbers. He might sign.

Kyle Hassna 3-6 3.26 49/58 SR RHP

He was the best pitcher on a horrid staff. He was the one ray of sunshine and fans knew that the team would have a chance to win with him on the mound. I suspect the pros will look at his strikeouts and feel he's worth a low round pick if not free agent signing.