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2013 NBA Draft: Anthony Bennett 'surprised' to go No. 1 overall

Anthony Bennett spoke to the media after being drafted No. 1 overall.


UNLV's Anthony Bennett was taken No. 1 overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers, and he spoke to the media following being drafted. Bennett talked about various things about how his interviews went with the Cavs, and about if he is ready to play in the NBA.

Here are a select few quotes from his media session. Quotes have been provided by ASAP Sports and the NBA.

Q. So much to talk about. So congratulations on this moment for you. I remember you mentioned about being a fan of a fellow No. 1 pick out of UNLV by the name of Larry Johnson. Talk about how you're looking forward to follow in his footsteps.

ANTHONY BENNETT: At the same time, I'm really trying to create my own path. But I feel like throughout the whole year Coach Rice at UNLV, Stacey Augmon and Heath Schroyer, basically all said like our game is similar. So I went back it was like an offday. I watched UNLV play Duke and beat them by 30 in the final. It was pretty much similar.

I kind of see where the comparisons are coming from.

Q. Can you talk about, are you surprised or did you see this coming after your interview in Cleveland?

ANTHONY BENNETT: I'm just as surprised as everybody else. I didn't really have any idea who's going No. 1 or who was going No. 2. I heard everything was up for grabs. But I'm just real happy, glad that I have this opportunity, and I just got to thank God for everything.

Q. Anthony, where do you see yourself right now fitting with the Cavs right away?

ANTHONY BENNETT: I can contribute at the four, at the three. You know, there's things I still need to work on, but I feel like I'm a great teammate, unselfish. I think I can just fit in right away.

Q. Yesterday we talked about this a little bit, scouts had said maybe you're the most proready player. You're No. 1. Do you feel you're proready?

ANTHONY BENNETT: I would say I'm proready, but at the same time there's a lot of things I need to work on. I made it, but I just need to keep working, trying to get a second contract, trying to do well for myself and the team. Just got to keep grinding from here.

Q. Anthony, you said you were surprised. At what point in today were you maybe told this might happen, and when did you know it was going to happen?

ANTHONY BENNETT: When they said my name. That's when I knew when it happened. I had no idea before, but like I said, all in God's work.

Q. Did you give any advice about what's going to happen now? Everything changes.

ANTHONY BENNETT: They just said like you're on the bigger stage. A lot of things are going to come your way. Just stay levelheaded. Stay humble. Take care of your body, and everything should be fine.

Q. How familiar are you with Mike Brown and his coaching staff? And do you think you'll have any trouble acclimating to the Cavs in the pro game?

ANTHONY BENNETT: You know, when I went to Cleveland I think it was like last week, if not the week before, I really had a chance to meet with everybody. And they seemed like a real great group of guys, just wants the best for me. I just feel like my personality I can open up to anybody. I can play with anybody. It's just there's no agendas for me. I just want to be successful, win championships, and you know, just win games.