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College football odds: Boise State's over/under win total set at 10.5 is putting a high number of 10.5 wins for Boise State's 2013 season.

Brian Losness-US PRESSWIRE released a bunch of win totals for the upcoming 2013 season, and Boise State made the list. The bench mark for Boise State is always high, and the oddsmakers put their win total at 10.5, and if one takes the over they are getting +120 while the under is placed at -160.

Forget the odds number on what one could win if they choose the over or under, but the 10.5 win baseline is quite high. Eleven wins is a very lofty goal, yet nine seems the bare minium for the Broncos with most fans feeling less than double-digit wins is a terrible year.

For those who would bet the over they are betting on history repeating itself for Boise State. Since 2001, Boise State has had nine seasons of 11 wins or more in the regular season.

If Boise State is going to get to 11 regular season wins and beat the over the likely loss on the schedule points directly at the Fresno State game in Week 4. The other alternative is a loss to San Diego State, but with Boise State wanting revenge that might not be a loss.

For those who feel inclined that Boise State is going to hit a bump in the road, then two losses is up on the horizon, if not more. Fresno State and San Diego State make the cut, but also could a tough game at Utah State or a home game against Nevada which is sandwiched between that Utah State game and a road game at BYU. Plus, that BYU game could also be an interesting game, and possibly a loss.

Also, there is the Washington game on the road to open the season, but overall there a six games on Boise State's schedule that are possible losses.