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2013 NBA Draft: Anthony Bennett adding weight due to shoulder injury

Anthony Bennett has ballooned up to 261 pounds, and it is affecting his draft stock.

Josh Holmberg-USA TODAY Sports

The consensus has been that UNLV's Anthony Bennett would be a top-five or so draft pick, but that may have changed. During the draft process, Bennett has been slowed down by a shoulder injury and with the inability to work out as much as he would like.

Due to that, Bennett has let his weight go to 261 pounds, according to ESPN's Chad Ford. At UNLV, his weight was listed at 240 pounds, so this 21-pound weight gain is likely fat rathern than muscle. This sudden burst in weight gain is having an adverse affect on his draft stock, or at least has the potential to do so.

The added weight could just be due to all the traveling to meet other NBA teams, eating crappy hotel or take out food and most importantly not being able to work out. Bennett could easily drop the weight once he is completely healthy and able to workout, or he may not.

Bennett's potential is much more than other lottery picks, but adding on over 20 pounds just four months has to put some NBA teams on edge in taking him in the top-five. The Washington Wizards are looking at Bennett with the No. 3 pick, but they also are looking into Georgetown's Otto Porter, and the weight issue of Bennett could push their pick toward Potter.

Plus, why would Bennett want to follow the steps of Shawn Kemp who ended up being that fat NBA player.