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2013 NBA Draft: Anthony Bennett, others get invited to Green Room

The NBA has extended invitations to 10 future NBA players to be in the green room for the NBA Draft.


The 2013 NBA Draft is forthcoming this Thursday, and the league announced that there will be at least 10 players hanging out in the Green Room as they wait for their name to be called.

Those players are: Nerlens Noel (Kentucky); Victor Oladipo (Indiana); Otto Porter (Georgetown); Alex Len (Maryland); Anthony Bennett (UNLV); Ben McLemore (Kansas); Trey Burke (Michigan); Michael-Carter Williams (Syracuse); C.J McCollum (Lehigh) and Cody Zeller (Indiana).

Bennett is expected to land somewhere between the fourth and six picks, according to the most recent mock drafts.

The one minor shock is McCollum who hails from the Patriot League, however experts say he will be taken right around the top-10 or so picks.

This is the initial list and it is very possible for the league to invite other lottery picks to join this initial list of 10 players; in the past as many as 15 players have received an invite.

Now that we know what players are at the draft, we now await with baited breath to what crazy suit combination these players will be sporting.