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PODCAST: Boise State 2013 preview

The latest podcast had us discussing Boise State with Drew Roberts of OBNUG.

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Otto Kitsinger III

In our latest podcast preview series of the 2013 Mountain West football season, we turn our attention to the Boise St. Broncos. To help us guide through Boise State, we bring on Drew Roberts of OBNUG for a closer look at Boise State football.

We discuss the offense fairly in depth, take one last look at Drew's thoughts on staying in the Mountain West, the defense and the train of thought that Boise State will go undefeated until they do lose. An odd statement, but they have been so good over the years that the expectations are high and undefeated should be possible each and every year, unless Boise State somehow has a few three or more loss seasons in a row.

The assumption from the group is that Boise State is the favorite until they no longer win the league, or lose a game, but there are plenty of games that can cause possible trouble for the Broncos.

The show was expected to be about 40 or so minutes, but once again is approaching an hour at 52 minutes. So, enjoy this show about Boise State.

Here are your many ways to listen: Obviously below, on Sound Cloud, Stitcher Radio and iTunes.