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Jerry Rice Jr elects to be a Rebel Bruin

Jerry Rice Jr moves on from UCLA to UNLV.


In March of this year, Jerry Rice Jr. announced that he would give up his final year of eligibility with the UCLA Bruins. While the 49er legend's son is over at UCLA it has just begun at UNLV. Rice made the announcement on his Twitter account Friday night by thanking the university for their time and expressing his excitement in joining UNLV.

"Well it's been real UCLA... Ended a little sooner than I thought but will always be a bruin..That said I'm bout to be a rebel bruin at #UNLV," Rice tweeted.

Since UCLA has already granted his release the 5'11" 185 pound receiver, will be immediately eligible to play for the Rebels this fall. During Rice's three years as a Bruin, he caught 9 passes for 69 yards with a 7.7-yard average and didn't score a touch down. His longest reception went for 20 yards.

There is no guarantee that Rice will break the starting line-up at UNLV, but he certainly has a big name to live up to.