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Test Your Knowledge of the MWC

We will grow to 12 schools on July 1st, and is time to test your athletic knowledge on all present and future conference members.

1. On May 22, 2013, pro linebacker Brian Urlacher announced his retirement after 13 years in the NFL with the Chicago Bears. He was a former All-American from what MW team?

2. What three MW schools have football stadiums that seat 50,000 or more fans?

3. What two MW men’s basketball teams have won national championships?

4. What MW men’s basketball team has had the most appearances in NCAA tournaments?

5. What MW women’s team has had the most appearances in the NCAA Basketball Tournament?

6. Three MW schools sponsor water polo. See if you can name two of the them.

7. Which present MW football team holds the most MWC championships?

8. The Mountain West Conference will have agreements with what six bowls for 2013–14?

9. The sport of skiing is sponsored by only one MW school. Can you name it?

10. The Border War is an annual rivalry between which two MW schools?

11. The Battle for Nevada is a rivalry game between UNLV and Nevada. What is the name of the trophy?

12. What football rivalry has a Milk Can as its trophy?

13. What MW team has won the most national championships in football?

14. What MW team has had the most bowl game appearances?

15. The El Camino Real rivalry began in 1935 between what two MW teams?

16. What MW university fields the only equestrian team?

17. What 8 men’s team sports are sponsored by the Mountain West Conference?

18. That was pretty easy. Now name the only three schools that have teams in all 8 of those sports.

19. MW women compete in 10 conference sports. Name at least nine of them.

20. Two current MW teams are tied for the most appearances in the Maaco Bowl Las Vegas. Boise State with 3 appearances is one of those. Name the other.


1. University of New Mexico Lobos.

2. San Diego State, 71,400 (Qualcomm Stadium), Air Force, 52,480 (Falcon Stadium), and Hawaii, 50,000 (Aloha Stadium).

3. UNLV (1990) and Wyoming (1943).

4. Utah State, with 20.

5. Actually there are two and both are tied: UM and UNLV with 8 each.

6. San Diego State, Air Force, and San Jose State.

7. Colorado State Rams with 3.

8. Maaco Bowl Las Vegas, Poinsettia Bowl, Armed Forces Bowl, New Mexico Bowl,Hawaii Bowl, and Famous Idaho Potato Bowl.

9. New Mexico

10. CSU and Wyoming

11. The Fremont Cannon.

12. Boise State and Fresno State.

13. San Diego State (3)

14. Fresno State, with 21.

15. San Diego State and San Jose State.

16. Fresno State

17. Football, basketball, baseball, cross county, golf, tennis, indoor track and field, and outdoor track and field.

18. Air Force, New Mexico, and Fresno State.

19. Basketball, softball, soccer, golf, cross country, indoor track and field, outdoor track and field, swimming and diving, tennis, and volleyball.

20. Nevada.