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LeBradford Franklin officially transfers from San Diego State

After leaving the team in January, LeBradford Franklin has formally announced that he is transferring from the San Diego State program.


As expected, junior point guard LaBradford Franklin, is transferring out of San Diego State upon the completion of his current summer school courses. Franklin played only three games and 20 minutes last season before he left the team in mid-December for what was described as "family issues." Franklin was rarely shown attending any San Diego State games and there was no press surrounding the departure. covered today's story with Steve Fisher notifying the press that LB3 has elected to transfer:

"LaBradford has chosen to transfer after spending three years as an Aztec," Fisher said. "We value his contribution to the program. We will miss him and wish him good luck."

Then according to the San Diego Union Tribune, Franklin added:

"I'm not too concerned with everyone understanding it, I can't worry about that too much,"

"My family matters outweighed what was going on. I wasn't able to perform at the best of my abilities. I decided to step back from the team for the rest of the year to take care of more immediate emergencies, get my mind right and get my grades up....I'm not looking too much for sympathy. It was tough. But it's part of life. I've grown from it. I'm very, very hopeful moving forward."

Steve Fisher and San Diego State successfully petitioned the NCAA to allow Franklin to have a full two years of eligibility left. If he transfers to a Division I school he would have to sit out a season. But Franklin is still unsure where he will land and is exploring all options that would include both Division II and NAIA schools.

In three seasons at SDSU, Franklin played 17 games as a freshman and averaged 2.1 points, .9 assists and 1.4 rebounds per game. As a sophomore, Franklin was the back up point guard playing in 33 games and averaging 12 minutes of floor time. His numbers increased to 2.8 ppg, 1.6 apg and 1.4 rpg on the team that won the Mountain West title and qualified for the NCAA tournament.

Franklin's departure gives the Aztecs six available scholarships and four of them have been accepted. Two by incoming freshman Dakarai Allen and D'Erryl Williams from Sheldon High School in Sacramento and two to transfers Josh Davis out of Tulane and Angelo Chol from Arizona.

Early this month Baylor transfer L.J. Rose was on campus and Aztec fans are hopeful that he will commit. LB3 was the only true point guard backing up Aztec Senior, Xavier Thames. D'Erryl Williams plays point but is a freshman and has some learning to do. Rose is a 6'4" pass first point guard, a hard nose defender and was a 4 star recruit out of Houston's Westbury Christian High. He is Steve Fisher latest transfer target. We can only cross our fingers.