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PODCAST: 2013 Air Force football preview

We take a look over Air Force's 2013 prospects, spoiler they are a mix bag.

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Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Our preview series kicks off with a look at the Air Force Falcons and their upcoming 2013 season. The gist about Air Force is that they are going to continue to run the ball at will, and have a top-five rushing attack. Even though the Falcons lost Cody Getz and four of their top six rushers, that should not negatively affect their status as one of the best rushing teams.

The big question is the quarterback spot with Kale Pearson who is becoming a first time starter, and we have little to no idea on what do expect from him this year. In 2012, Pearson saw just garbage time and very few meaningful snaps.

The defense of course has been a sore topic ever since Tim DeRuyter who left as defensive coordinator a few years back, since then it has been a mess. That probably won't change but they do have plenty of returning talent in the secondary and their edge rushers on the line and linebackers should be a strong suit.

Not to give too much away, but Air Force will have a tough time making a bowl game.

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