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Mountain West digital network to partner with Campus Insiders

The Mountain West makes more announcements about its digital network.

At the Mountain West spring meetings this past week there was a little snippet about what the newly created digital network would encompass, but now the league has released more information of what the digital network will become.

What the Mountain West announced on Monday is that they are partnering with Campus Insiders and Volar Video, and content is expected to go live in August. This partnership will include more than just games, it will also include studio shows and some behind the scene content with some solid talent in Bonnie Bernstein and Seth Davis.

All content will be hosted at Campus Insiders, and in the press release it mentions that the Mountain West will live-stream hundreds of its men's and women's sporting events as well as have plenty of on-demand coverage, too.

This package will not include much football, if any, as those games are on ROOT Sports, ESPN and CBS Sports Network. The only possible football games are games against FCS opponents. Men's basketball will probably have the same fate with lesser quality games popping up on the digital network.

The digital network is going to have the ability to stream to smart phones and tablets (as it should be), each of the 12 schools will have their own channel and a league wide channel as well with all of the content in one place.

Having the capability for all schools to broadcast their Olympic spors is a good thing for recruiting and the chance to shine some exposure to these other programs who do not get enough publicity. Now lets hope that the schools take advantage of this agreement.

There is no word on the terms of the agreement.