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Hawaii looking to schedule UCLA, Ohio State

The Rainbow Warriors are in the talks to schedule some high profile games down the road.

Kevork Djansezian

The Hawaii Warriors are looking to schedule a few big time opponents in the near future. The school has been in talks to go on the road to play Ohio State and UCLA, according to Stephen Tsai of the Honolulu Star-Adviser. Hawaii is fresh of scheduling a home-and-home with Kansas, but adding a game at the Rose Bowl and/or Horseshoe is a big step up from playing Kansas.

There is no word on anything specific except that talks are going fairly well, and also that these will be road games only, which is no surprise. There could possibly be a two-for-one since Hawaii is starting to produce a lot more high end high school recruits, but all current signs to no return game at all.

The coup of playing at these big time opponents is to earn a possible seven-figure pay day, and a chance to be seen on national television; something Hawaii is struggling to get of late. Of course, there is also recruiting and it gives the chance for Hawaii to get some mainland recruits to see them in person.

Hawaii has plenty of room on their non-conference schedule to play either of these teams on the road. The only exception is 2016 since Hawaii already heads to the middle part of country to play Kansas and Michigan, so adding a third game East of the Mississippi is not likely to happen. Even adding a third road game against UCLA in 2016 is probably not going to happen.