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A rainbow football field for Hawaii? brought up the idea of a rainbow-themed football field for the newly rebranded Hawaii Rainbow Warriors.

Just under one month ago, the Hawaii Warriors went back to the Rainbow Warriors nickname for all sports. This could lead to a lot of various uniform combinations for Hawaii, and with Under Armour involved, anything can happen, remember these Maryland uniforms from 2011:


Well, imagine some crazy rainbow-themed Hawaii uniforms.

However, there is an even a more radical idea about the future of Hawaii's football field. Over at Lost Letterman, they wondered aloud about what a rainbow-themed football field could look like, and they came up with this gem:


Before people go nuts, Hawaii actually has already done this to their track:


So, there is precedent. Lost Letterman argues that this move would give the program an identity, similar to what they in their run' n' shoot offense when June Jones was there as head coach. This would garner a lot of attention, and get a lot of people to tune into a few more Hawaii football games when they are on television.

Since college sports is all about promotion, Hawaii should definitely go ahead and create this field within a few years, however odds of it happening is probably very slim. If multi-colored field is a no go the school better put together some sweet alternate uniforms to take advantage of being called the Rainbow Warriors once again.

For fun, here are a few other football fields that are more then one color, so this idea is not entirely original.

Central Arkansas:


Lindenwood University:


Your move, Hawaii.