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UNLV could get $1 million to move home opener

UNLV could get a seven-figure payday if they move their home opener to University of Phoenix Stadium.

Christian Petersen

Last week, the UNLV football team was considering moving their home opener against Arizona from Sam Boyd Stadium to the University of Phoenix Stadium, for some much needed cash. UNLV must not make all that much at home games, because the report is that moving this game could be close to $1 million.

Athletic director Jim Livengood did not give an exact number, but did say it will be more than the $750,000 the school will get for playing Virginia. The move is likely to be finalized in the next day or two, and Livengood is making this decision because the school can really use the money now:

"If I had my first choice we'd never move a game like that," Livengood said. "But from a fiscal standpoint, we don't want to be laying people off or dropping programs and this is one of the ways that can help us right now."

Assuming this move goes through, UNLV will have six home games instead of seven, and their home opener will be pushed back to Sept. 14 against Central Michigan. There is also the issue of reimbursing season ticket holders for this game.