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Boise State Hoops to Play Kentucky

The BSU Broncos have closed a one-and-done deal to play the top ranked Kentucky Wildcats at Rupp Arena, in Lexington, Kentucky.


That stems from Boise AD Mark Coyle's discussions with the Wildcats that were reported on April 20th. Coyle came to Boise State from Kentucky where he worked in the athletic department. Kentucky is considered a preseason favorite to be the top-ranked team in the nation this season.

"We want to continue to build on what coach Rice and his staff have accomplished in their time at Boise State," Coyle said. "Scheduling marquee games that will draw interest nationally is part of that process."

Boise State made a brief appearance in the 2013 NCAA Tournament and have lost only one senior off last years' squad. This year head coach Leon Rice returns with his top six scores for this season. He'll need every one of them. The Wildcats have eight titles to their name including the 2012 NCAA Championship, and have posted the most wins by any team in NCAA Division I history.