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2013 NBA Draft: Jamaal Franklin's injury is not affecting draft stock

San Diego State's Jamaal Franklin did not work out at the NBA Combine due to an injury, but he did interview with multiple teams.

Kent Horner

San Diego State's Jamaal Franklin arrived at the NBA Combine in Chicago with a boot on his sprained ankle and did not participate in any of the physical activities. Normally an injury heading into a pre-draft workout is a hindrance to one's draft stock, but in the case of Franklin it did not matter. The injury occurred back on May 4 while staying in shape in Las Vegas, and the boot is there for precautionary reasons.

While in Chicago, Franklin met with nine NBA teams and went through the interview process. June 3 in Dallas is when Franklin is going to be able to begin working out for various NBA teams. His agent, Brian Elfus, is hearing a lot of good news with Franklin moving up, and possibly being taken as a lottery pick:

"I'm very encouraged by the feedback and calls I've been receiving," Elfus said. "The range is pretty wide but it's narrowing, from late lottery to mid-20s."

Upside is also being tossed around when describing Franklin, part of the reason is that he has been asked to play out of position at power forward despite being just 6-foot-4. Despite spraining his ankle back in May, teams are not shying away from the possible gem they could get in Franklin.

Outside of the Mavericks being interested, Franklin is also getting word that the Hawks, Nets, Cavaliers and Bucks could be a landing spot in the draft.