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Utah State building basketball practice facility

Utah State is trying to keep pace with the rest of the Mountain West with a new basketball facility.

Christian Petersen

Utah State has always been a basketball school, last two years being an exception, and with the move from the WAC to the Mountain West the school is upping their commitment to the hardwood.

The school is in the process of adding a basketball and volleyball facility. This move allows the Aggies to keep up with New Mexico, UNLV and San Diego State who all have a separate basketball facility.

The project will cost $9.5 million, however donors Jim and Carol Laub are pledging a school-record $5.25 million for the project. The 32,000 square feet facility will be called the Wayne Estes Center to honor possibly the best Utah State basketball player ever. Estes was a three-time All-American from 1963-65 and still holds many records, including points per game at 26.7.

The facility itself will be a big boost for Utah State hoops, and athletic director Scott Barnes is grateful for the donation to get this project underway:

"Jim and Carol have played a critical role in the growth of our athletic enterprise in numerous ways over the years," said Barnes. "Their most recent lead gift to the Wayne Estes Center is a profoundly generous statement that speaks volumes about their devotion to Utah State University Athletics and our student-athletes. This comes at a pivotal time as we continue to make the climb in preparation for Mountain West competition."

Utah State has had amazing success under head coach Stew Morrill who has led the team to 20 wins per year in all but one season since he has been on campus. This facility will help them keep up with the rest of the Mountain West to keep their string of 20-plus win seasons alive.

There is already an artist rendition of the facility.