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2013 NBA Draft: UNLV's Mike Moser considering making the leap

Mike Moser was absent from the team's 2013-14 team meeting and is considering entering the NBA Draft.

Ethan Miller

Anthony Bennett may not be the only UNLV player to leave eligibility on the table and head to the NBA Draft, the other is forward Mike Moser who is considering his options. Head coach Dave Rice mentioned at Bennett's that Moser is expected to return home from Portland on Monday night, and then the two will get together and "explore his options."

Moser missed the 2013-14 team meeting while and hanging out in his hometown, which only fueled to speculation that he is gone. The deadline to submit a name to the NBA Draft is on April 10, and the deadline to withdraw is on April 16.

The draft expectations for Moser are not the best as most draft sites project him to be a second round draft pick at best. With the sub par season he had with injuries, his stock will likely be higher if he hangs around for one more year.

Across the board Moser's stats were down, he averaged just 7.1 points this year which is half of what he put up as a sophomore, he averaged four less rebounds -- 10.5 to 6.1 -- as well as one less steal per game. To leave now would be a mistake since there is a likely chance he will not be drafted.

Moser should come back next year where he will once again be more of a focal point for the offense now that Bennett is off to the NBA.