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Bracketology: A look at over 90 projections

The Bracket Matrix compiles over 90 different bracket projections, so we take a look at where the consensus places the Mountain West teams.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Updating a bracket post from a handful of sites like SB Nation (company homer), CBS or ESPN is really futile at this point. Instead everyone should check out The Bracket Matrix. The website tracks and updates around 90bracket projections, they range from the most established down to some newbie sites. Overall, it gives a good idea of where teams are to be seeded.

We will take a look and update our site here each day with those bracket updates from the Bracket Matrix and update the average seeds of the Mountain West teams. We are going daily with this due to most sites will be updating each day with conference tournaments ending, or beginning.

As of present time here is the average seeding for each Mountain West team that is projected to be in the tournament, with their average seeds:

New Mexico -- 2.49 (Highest: 1, Lowest: 4)
UNLV -- 5.42 (Highest: 4, Lowest: 8)
Colorado State -- 7.20 (Highest: 5, Lowest: 11)
San Diego State -- 8.65 (Highest: 7, Lowest: 11)
Boise State -- 11.57 (Highest: 10, Lowest: Out of bracket)

Seeing Colorado State with an average seed above seven seems high for a team that has a RPI of 14 and is ranked 20th by KenPom.