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Steve Alford to UCLA: Bruins fans not so high on hire

Some UCLA fans are not so high on bringing in New Mexico's Steve Alford.

Josh Holmberg-USA TODAY Sports

The New Mexico Lobos lost head coach Steve Alford to the UCLA Bruins and while they lost out on Shaka Smart and Brad Stevens. UCLA made a good hire. Well, that is unless you are a UCLA fan who are not particularly fond of the Alford hire, at least initially:

Whoever Alford's agent is, he's a wizard. Somehow, some way, he keeps getting his man new jobs with more money despite Alford giving him nothing to sell. This time it is UCLA and Dan Guerreo giving it to him.

But Donovan, Pitino, Smart and Stevens weren't great players like Alford. So there. Or something.

I don't even know anymore.

While Alford's tenure with the Iowa Hawkeyes was above average with only one losing season, his first, and three NCAA tournament bids. However, he never made it out of the first round with Iowa and was let go after the 2006-07.

He landed at New Mexico which was on rough times at the same time, and he amazing success from the start. Alford won four Mountain West titles, six seasons of 20-plus wins and three NCAA tournament wins, but he never made it out of the first round.

Not sure how Alford's agent is a "wizard" for landing him the UCLA job, he just is representing his client and got him a great job. Alford has not made any Final Fours as a head coach like the other candidates that the Bruins were after, but no one can say this is not a solid hire for UCLA.

The Bruins get a good recruiter, young head coach and one that has .663 winning percentage at three different schools to go along with just two losing seasons out of 22. So, it looks like UCLA got a very good hire.