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2013 NCAA Tournament predictions: Indiana over New Mexico in title game?

Sharing my picks with everyone just before games tip off, and my Final Four is New Mexico, Louisville, Florida and Indiana.


March Madness is underway, and I felt I should share my bracket with everyone (not that anyone cares really). Also, this serves as a last second reminder to join our tourney pool over at Yahoo.

I won't go into too much depth, and just talk about where I think the Mountain West teams will end up. First I do have Colorado State over Missouri, but then falling to Louisville. I actually could see the Rams making it to the Sweet 16, but it depends on how well Dorian Green's ankle really is.

UNLV gets past Cal in their rematch, but also have them getting past Syracuse to head back to the Sweet 16. That is where they will fall to top-seeded Indiana.

San Diego State also sneaks past Oklahoma, and makes it to the Sweet 16 by upsetting Georgetown. While Florida vs. San Diego State is a good matchup, not seeing the Aztecs move on. For the record, I am not entirely certain San Diego State can make it past Georgetown, so I am kind of hoping that Jamaal Franklin and others have a big game.

Finally, I have New Mexico going all the way to the title game, yes that is right, and they what a matchup it would be going up against Steve Alford's alma mater in Indiana. Before the Lobos get their, I have them beating Harvard, Arizona, Ohio State and then Gonzaga before reaching the Final Four against Louisville. With New Mexico on a roll they get past Louisville before falling to Indiana.

If all of this happens then the Mountain West obviously would exceed expectations, but it all probably will not. I am extremely confident that all four teams will win their first round game, two teams will make the Sweet 16 and New Mexico will make it to the Final Four. San Diego State is kind of a go with it pick to get to the Sweet 16, but I think UNLV can do that.

If a team is to overachieve from where I had them falling I would go with UNLV since they have a ton of talent, but have yet put it all together for large stretches this year.

Go ahead and put your Final Four picks in the comments below.