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2013 NCAA tournament odds: New Mexico is getting 30-1 odds to win title

Lets take a look at the initial odds for Mountain West teams to win the national title.

Josh Holmberg-USA TODAY Sports

One can not ignore that there will be billions of dollars bet on March Madness, both legally where applicable plus those office pools. One interesting note is that prior to the season beginning is that New Mexico could have been had at 500-1 odds. So, whoever has a ticket with that value is very excited right now.

Obviously since then odds have changes, and the odds have been set for all of the 68 teams in NCAA tournament and LVH SuperBook has posted their odds:

New Mexico 30-1
UNLV 100-1
San Diego State 300-1
Colorado State 300-1
Boise State 1,000-1

Outside of New Mexico, the odds of a Mountain West team winning it all is highly unlikely, and if someone from the league does win it all it will be the first time a team from a non-traditional power league won the title since UNLV won the title in 1990 when they were part of the Big West.

Those 30-1 odds are actually pretty good in my opinion, because the West region is not full of power houses. They do have a potential tricky matchup against Arizona which will be intriguing.

Now excuse me as I take the quick 9-minute jaunt to the Nevada state line to place a fiver on Boise State, and hope to make a cool five grand in a month.

Don't forget you can get your printable bracket right here!