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Bracketology: Saturday night's update have New Mexico firmly as a No. 2 seed

There are very few games left in the college basketball regular season, and here is a look at the bracket projections from Saturday night.


NCAA bracket projections have been coming out all day on Saturday, and pretty much after each game has ended. The Mountain West is still looking good with five teams getting, with Boise State being a slight question mark.

Multiple websites have updated after the Mountain West title games, and not much changed between where UNLV and New Mexico stand in the projections. In fact, UNLV rose after the title game which they lost to the Lobos.

New Mexico should be a lock to be a No. 2 seed, because they just earned two wins against top-35 RPI teams -- which include UNLV at home -- as well as having the No. 2 RPI in the country. My thought is that they could possibly earn a No. 1 seed since Duke, Indiana and Michigan all lost before their conference finals. That does not look to be the case, but the difference between a No. 1 or No. 2 seed.

As of Saturday night here is the average seeding for each Mountain West team that is projected to be in the tournament, with their average seeds from the Bracket Matrix:

New Mexico -- 2.66 (Highest: 2, Lowest: 4) -- Only two have them as a four seed.
UNLV -- 5.73 (Highest: 4, Lowest: 8)
Colorado State -- 7.04 (Highest: 6, Lowest: 10)
San Diego State -- 8.52 (Highest: 7, Lowest: 11)
Boise State -- 11.54 (Highest: 9, Lowest: Out of bracket)