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Post-Game Quotes of Note: New Mexico vs. San Diego St.

Players and coaches sound off on the heels of the New Mexico Lobos' dominating 60-50 win over the San Diego St. Aztecs.


SAN DIEGO STATE Aztecs (22-10)

Head Coach Steve Fisher:

On the Mountain West Conference: "I do know I've been in the league for 14 years. I'm the only guy. And the league has never been as good as it is right now."

On New Mexico: "We were beaten today by a really, really good team that can hurt you inside and outside."

"They were a good team when they came into our building. They didn't play particularly well. I think we had something to do with it. But they're playing awfully good right now."

"...all of the New Mexico team, they guard, they guard you hard. They're very, very tenacious with how they guard you."

On Tony Snell: "He's talented. And I think that he's just starting to realize how good he is and how much better he can be at both ends of the floor. "

Jamaal Franklin:

On Tony Snell: "When we playing against each other, it's basically quiet. We give each other as much respect as possible because we're basically family."

"Me and Tony always battle. We're basically brothers from another mother, 21/21 all the way."

Chase Tapley:

On the estimated 6,000 UNM fans in attendance: "You should want to play in this kind of environment. If you don't want to play in this environment, you shouldn't be in this team or in this league. "

NEW MEXICO Lobos (28-5):

Head Coach Steve Alford:

On San Diego State: "Kind of the rubber match game. They got us at their place, we got them at our place. We knew this was going to be a fight for 40 minutes."

"This is not a team you can throw soft, lazy passes to. They're too athletic. They're going to get deflections. Gets them going in transition."

" regard to San Diego State, this is a seasoned team, a lot like our locker room, they've had a lot of winning so they understand winning. You get them in a national tournament site, you're going to have to play awfully well to beat San Diego State in the NCAA tournament."

On Tony Snell: "Our team has gone to another level because of Tony's development defensively and his concentration defensively"

On the NCAA Tournament: "Our strength of schedule is going to be top five in the country. Our RPI is going to be 2 or 1 going into the NCAAs. That's phenomenal."

"These are great neutral games for us. I don't know if tomorrow is going to be neutral or not yet. These are all great neutral games going into a neutral NCAA tournament."

Tony Snell:

On Jamaal Franklin: "It was a tough matchup because he is definitely a great player. I tried to use my length to try to stop him from shooting and driving."

"It's definitely tough. It's never easy. I just try to work better on my defense, try to use my length."

On the non-call: "I just tried to go for a block. His hand accidentally hit me in my face, like in my eye. He went to check up on me to see if I was fine. It's good."

Alex Kirk:

On San Diego State: "I'm not going to say they're undersized, but they're definitely smaller than us in height and weight. It was kind of an emphasis to go at them."

On teammate Cameron Bairstow: "We're having a lot of fun. We're having a lot of fun as a team together. We're kind of coming together a little more."