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Bracketology: Losses can help New Mexico move up

Boise State is still looking like a team that will get into the NCAA tournament, but there are some possibly bid thieves out there.


There have been a few upsets on Friday night, with Duke falling to Maryland, Michigan falling to Wisconsin and then Syracuse knocking off Georgetown. All three of those loses will help New Mexico will help them inch close to a top seed. Michigan and Georgetown are out of consideration now, but Duke is still likely going to earn a No. 1 seed. These games are likely not considered yet in the Bracket Matrix, but they are something to consider for the morning updates.

At the other end of the bracket which will help Boise State is Kentucky losing to Vanderbilt and also La Salle falling out of the Atlantic-10 tournament. Then there is Utah who is on a hot streak as they are in the Pac-12 semifinals after defeating Cal, and play Oregon who they beat just last week. Utah will need to win their conference tournament, but if Utah gets in then a team knocks out a team.

Again, Boise State is likely safe in my opinion, their biggest concern is trying to avoid going to Dayton to go in the First Four games. Right now Boise State is missing from 12 of the brackets

As of present time here is the average seeding for each Mountain West team that is projected to be in the tournament, with their average seeds:

New Mexico -- 2.79 (Highest: 2, Lowest: 4)
UNLV -- 5.98 (Highest: 5, Lowest: 8)
Colorado State -- 6.67 (Highest: 5, Lowest: 10)
San Diego State -- 8.49 (Highest: 7, Lowest: 11)
Boise State -- 11.35 (Highest: 9, Lowest: Out of bracket)