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Bracketology: The latest NCAA tournament updates

The Bracket Matrix has another update from over 80 brackets from around the Internet.

Ethan Miller

Another day of tournament action means another update from the Bracket Matrix about the latest composite of bracket projections from around the web. New Mexico has taken another dip after their loss to Air Force, and are more than likely are not going to be able to earn a No. 1 seed.

UNLV still remains strong despite a horrendous loss to Fresno State at last Saturday, and for some reason Colorado State is still not getting as much respect as they probably deserve.

However, all of this can change with all of the major conference tournaments getting underway on Tuesday, including the Mountain West. With upsets bound to happen, those will have an effect of where Mountain West teams are going to be projected.

As of present time here is the average seeding for each Mountain West team that is projected to be in the tournament, with their average seeds:

New Mexico -- 3.00 (Highest: 2, Lowest: 5)
UNLV -- 6.06 (Highest: 5, Lowest: 8)
Colorado State -- 6.64 (Highest: 5, Lowest: 10)
San Diego State -- 8.86 (Highest: 7, Lowest: 11)
Boise State -- 11.21 (Highest: 8, Lowest: Out of bracket)