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Bracketology: New Mexico falls, Colorado State rise in latest NCAA tournament projections

The Bracket Matrix has their latest update looking at over dozens of brackets, and compiling them in one place.


The final Saturday of Mountain West play was a bit crazy with Fresno State completing the sweep of UNLV, and then New Mexico falling on the road to Air Force. The Rebels falling to the Bull Dogs, at home, is a concern since UNLV has a ton of talent, but so many new players are making it hard do gel.

The New Mexico loss is a bit more understanding of a loss as they wrapped up the Mountain West title as of last week, and also playing on the road at Air Force is very difficult to come away with a win.

Boise State's win over San Diego pretty much cements them with an at-large spot.

As of present time here is the average seeding for each Mountain West team that is projected to be in the tournament, with their average seeds:

New Mexico -- 2.52 (Highest: 1, Lowest: 4)
UNLV -- 5.26 (Highest: 4, Lowest: 8)
Colorado State -- 6.84 (Highest: 5, Lowest: 11)
San Diego State -- 8.61 (Highest: 7, Lowest: 11)
Boise State -- 11.68 (Highest: 9, Lowest: Out of bracket)