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Boise State indefinitely suspends S Lee Hightower, TE Hayden Plinke

Boise State has suspended a pair of players due to the vague violation of university rules.

Ethan Miller

The Boise St. Broncos have suspended tight end Hayden Plinke and safety Lee Hightower for an indefinite amount of time. The two players were suspended from the school due to violating university rules. The specific rules that these two players violated were not released, nor is if the two can return to the school.

For both players this is their second disciplinary issue, the other issue was prior to the Wyoming this past season. It is not known if that suspension had anything to do with this most recent issue, but it certainly does not help.

Hightower was a key player for Boise State and had 31 tackle. two for a loss and an interception before sitting out the Wyoming game and the rest of the season. Plinke was a lesser used player with just two catches for 20 yards, but the freshman sat out the final six games as well. Those in season suspensions were violation of team rules.

Head coach Chris Petersen declined to answer several questions about why the players were suspended, or about their return.