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2013 Fresno State football recruiting: WR Delvon Hardaway chooses Bulldogs

Wide receiver Delvon Hardaway flips from San Jose State to Fresno State.

Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

Fresno State landed a last minute player to their 2013 class when three-star wide receiver Delvon Hardaway (Los Angeles/Dorsey) changed his mind from San Jose State to Fresno State. Hardaway took a visit to Fresno this past weekend, and that was enough to switch his commitment from San Jose State to Fresno State.

One of the reasons that he changed his commitment is due to the style of offense that Fresno State uses. The uptempo and spread attack requires multiple receivers, and Hardaway feels he can contribute sooner with that type of offense.

Hardaway talked about how comfortable he felt on the Fresno State campus, and it also helped that Fresno State has a winning tradition:

"It feels good to do this," he said. "Fresno State has always been a winning program and they had a great year last year in the first year of this staff. I think we're going to be able to continue that."

One feat that Hardaway excels at is his hands and route running. Yes, those are very important at being a good receiver, but those areas he is extremely good at. Hardaway is capable of finding the open spot in the zone, and while he does not have great speed -- just a 4.91-second 40-yard time -- he is extremely quick with slants and fakes. Those double moves should be a strength for Hardaway to get open at the FBS level.

He does need to put on some weight as Hardaway currently stands at 6-foot-inch and 168 pounds, 20 pounds would be a good number to try to add before the season begins. Whether Hardaway contributes in the first year is still very much up in the air, but he is a steal and should be a contributor at Fresno State.

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