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Mountain West wants NCAA to can blue-on-blue ban

The Mountain West is putting up a fight towards the NCAA, and wants them to reconsider the ban for teams wearing same color uniforms as the field.

A few weeks ago the NCAA sent out a list of proposed rule changes and one proposal calls for the elimination of uniform combinatiosn that match the field.

The most obvious team is Boise State who wore blue-on-blue uniforms, until the Mountain West themselves banned them in league play. The league elected to remove that stipulation as a part of the agreement to keep the Broncos in the Mountain West.

The Mountain West is now fighting the rule proposal, and has asked that the NCAA to reconsider:

The MW, on behalf of member institution Boise State University, is strongly opposed to the suggested change which states "either the uniform pants or the jersey must clearly contrast with the color of the surface of the field of play." As you know, Boise State Football is known for its signature blue turf. For a majority of their history, they have worn blue pants and blue jerseys when playing at home.

The proposed rule is not related to any student-athlete safety concerns. Furthermore, this regulation could have a significant negative marketing impact for the Broncos. It will also likely result in undesirable publicity for the NCAA, and would most certainly be damaging to the Boise State University brand. Whatever upside might result from this change is not worth the harmful impact it will have on this institution.

This line is the best: "likely result in undesirable publicity for the NCAA." Not that the NCAA needs anymore negative publicity, but that line was certainly a zinger. However, the issue about making a rule change that is not related to the safety of the athletes is a fair point, also the there is no proven advantage for Boise State to wearing these uniforms. Some coaches say that studying film in standard defintion can be an issue when the Broncos wear all-blue at home.

Boise State overall is just dominant, they have lost three games at home since 2005, and have lost eight total games over the past seven years. So, outside of superstition Boise State plays well regardless of what they trot out on the field. We have seem them go with all-black, the Storm Trooper look and multiple variations of uniform combinations over the years.