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Hawaii hires former UTEP offensive coordinator Aaron Price to run offense

Former UTEP offensive coordinator Aaron Price has been hired by Hawaii for the same position.

Ivan Pierre Aguirre-US PRESSWIRE

The Hawai'i Warriors have finally found their new offensive coordinator to replace Tommy Lee who retired a few months ago. The replacement is Aaron Price, who formerly was the offensive coordinator with the UTEP Miners. Price was hired a few days ago, but his official role was not known until Monday morning. In addition to being the offensive coordinator Price will be the wide receivers coach.

Hawai'i's offense, too be nice, was not good this past year. They were last in the Mountain West in total offense, rushing offense and scoring offense; their running game was seventh in the league. It is highly unlikely that the offense will be any worse.

While at UTEP, Price was there for the past nine years, the last five as the offensive coordinator, but he was let go Mike Price, who was his father.

During his time at UTEP the offense was not very effective, the Miners offense was in the top half of Conference USA just once in his five years. That one year was 2009 where UTEP was second in the league in total offense, and finished with just a 4-8 record.

With Price being the hire that Norm Chow made, not so sure the offense is looking to be on the rise in the near future. The talent at Hawai'i might be a little bit better than UTEP, but if it is it is not by a lot. Also consider the Mountain West is a tougher league than Conference USA, so the results of Hawai'i's offense may not be improved.