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Bracketology: Latest Mountain West projections

Most projections have the Mountain West with four, and some sites even have the league with five teams.


Selection Sunday is fast approaching and that means the Bracketology updates are fast and furious, and the latest updates from SB Nation has four Mountain West teams in while's Jerry Palm has five teams in the field of 68.

Starting with SB Nation, Chris Dobbertean has been consistent with having four Mountain West teams in his projections for quite some time, plus he has had considered a combination of Boise State and Air Force being considered with one of those typically in the first four out. This time it is Boise State who is closer since they recently beat Air Force.

Here is where Dobbertean has the Mountain West come tournament time:

No. 3 New Mexico vs. No. 14 Northwestern State
No. 6 Colorado State vs. No. 11 Temple or Baylor
No. 8 San Diego State vs. No. 9 North Carolina
No. 7 UNLV vs. No. 10 Creighton

Here is where Palm has the Mountain West teams:

No. 4 New Mexico State vs. No. 13 Stephen F. Austin
No. 5 Colorado State vs. No. 12 Middle Tennessee State
No. 6 UNLV vs. No. 11 La Salle
No. 6 San Diego State vs. No. 11 Villanova
No. 12 Boise State vs. No. 12 Iowa State

Palm is higher on the Mountain West then Dobbertean is perhaps that is due to the leagues high RPI. Seeing Colorado State as a five seed seems a bit high due to their non-conference schedule has not been great, however they have more than made up for it getting big wins in league play. Once Selection Sunday does come around look for there to be one Mountain West team in the top four -- probably New Mexico or Colorado State -- then a jumble between six and eight for the rest of the teams, plus possibly Boise State in the opening round games.