MWC needs to play its cards now.

I really think that it would benefit the Mountain West if it actively tried to bump up to 14 members. I think its a matter of time before the Big East is raided by the ACC/Big Ten/Big 12/SEC.

Louisville, and Cincinnati will most likely be the top targets, but don't count out Central Florida, and South Florida as it opens a conference to the Florida recruiting areas.

How does the MWC fit into this picture? If the Big East looks like it is about to be the WAC of the East, We should act to try to get SMU and Houston to bolt out here. I know thats silly now, but Houston and SMU will be either forced to drop back to the CUSA(In which they both lose in the Conference Realignment wars) or they could join up with the MWC and give us a foot in the door in Texas.

We should also be a little more aggressive with BYU, and if they still don't want to come back, cut them out and let them burn for it. BYU is a great school that deserves to be independent if they truely want to be. . . . maybe cut them a deal like the ACC has with Notre Dame in which they can schedule with 5-6 of our schools.

We could also use the Olympic sports option on BYU, since we have only 11 Olympic sports teams(as Hawaii is in the Big West)

NMSU, UTEP and Tulsa would be my next 3 to invite if Houston,SMU and/or BYU gives us the collective finger....

We don't want to end up begging Idaho to join us come 2014, we should be strengthening our rivalries and our conference instead of waiting around for the big 5 conferences(sorry big east, you're no longer big).

If we make a few moves now it could save the conference a big headache later on, and let me just say that overall as a conference we are the most geographically fit conference left, or one of them anyway.

Thank god the Big East didn't span from San Diego to Connecticut..